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In 2016 goes on sale the first production vehicle that incorporates carbon fiber as part of its structure. The chassis of the BMW 7-Series will consist of what the German brand called Carbon Core. It is a combination of elements made of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer, aluminum and high strength steel, which all come together to create a rigid and resistant structure to torsion and bending, but in turn considerably lighter.


Carbon fiber reinforced plastic parts can be found in the B and C pillars, in the roof bows, along the center tunnel, on the package tray, in the sills, and what is more impressive in the almost 3 meters long arc that runs from the base of the A pillar to the rear of the car along the roofline.


To improve car’s handling, the efforts to reduce weight have been focused in the area above the center of gravity of the vehicle, keeping the heaviest components at the bottom. The result is a reduction of roughly 140Kg weight over the current 7-Series.


Take a look at this interesting video.



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