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iGestek will be participating in the Technical Conference of Composites in Automotive organized by AIMPLAS and IK4-CIDETEK, with the collaboration of the Society of Automotive Technicians (STA), which will be held on June 16th at the Museum of Sciences of San Sebastian. The aim of the conference is to take a closer look at new developments, applications and latest trends of composites as raw materials to manufacture vehicle components.
In the initial section dedicated to materials, it will be reviewed the latest developments in repairable, reprocessable and recyclable thermostable materials, innovations in multiaxial fabrics for high pressure RTM and innovations in hybrid thermoplastic composites for the sector.


The second section will be open with a presentation on the reduction of carbon footprint that advanced composites offer, business opportunities the industry of emerging processing technologies,  weight and cost reduction through specialized solutions, and the possibilities of efficient preforming of complex geometries for high pressure RTM.


The session will draw to a close with a vision of the medium-term future of the sector and the role advanced composites aimed at the end user will play, the possibilities of 3D printing in carbon fibre in the immediate future, and the general prospects and opportunities that composites have for the sector.


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