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iGestek participates with IIS- Biodonostia in the consortium led by Gaiker-ik4 in a project of a pre-industrialization of the e-PCR Lab technique. The goal of the project is to develop a clinical diagnostic molecular kit, with commercial applications, which responds to the specific demands of clinical diagnostic market in price and performance.
This project aims to develop a preparative device and stabilization of samples for transport from peripheral health centers to central laboratories (easy carrier), adapted to the needs of diagnosis in the field of respiratory tract infections (easy respiratory diagnosis).
The work of iGestek in this consortium is to adapt the design of the structural components of the device to the functional and usability requirements for the selected applications, as well as the criteria for manufacturability.
The results of this project will be the basis for a new technology-based production start-up company.
This project is supported by the program NETs of the Deputy minister of the Department of Technology, Innovation and Competitiveness of the Basque Government.

Composites NETS program

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