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Ekhum Wall’s Project uses the inside retaining wall of La Salve Bridge, which is part of the architectural space of the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum, to develop a new means of communication, at street level, which gets integrated with the surrounding urban environment and lives the daily life of the city.
It appears as an area of ​​free creation for citizens and creators of the world that can create freely and respect its contents;
an original and creative integration means that provokes reflection of the international public, pretending to be a manifestation of the world society concerns expressed on the threshold of the new millennium in which we are: human “echo” (ekhum).
In January 2010 it was decided to incorporate the ekhum wall within the area of ​​R & D of IGESTEK as a reference of generation and creation of in-house projects of high-technological content in the field of Communication and Information Technology. IGESTEK board of directors allows the project to benefit from applied research to provide it with technology and business tools necessary for optimal evolution.
IGESTEK differentiation as Consultant lies in a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility: COMPANY oriented contributing to its growth, aimed at promoting sustainable development SOCIETY and focused on PEOPLE to improve their realization.
Likewise, the committed social VOCATION of the ekhum wall has correspondence in IGESTEK project as a company, like a valuable corporate social responsibility action, understood as a differentiating link of ethical commitment to society.

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