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The project of developing a clinical molecular diagnostic kit e-PCR has been supported for the second consecutive year by the program NETs of the Deputy Minister of the Department of Technology, Innovation and Competitiveness of the Basque Government. In the project iGestek has participated with IIS- Biodonostia in the consortium led by Gaiker-IK4.As we announced in a previous post, the work of iGestek has been to adapt the design of the structural components of the device to the functional and usability requirements for the selected applications, as well as the criteria for manufacturability. The prototypes have been developed and built by iGestek, and have been based on two main elements; a device for collecting samples and a support unit, the union of both elements facilitates the preparative and stabilization of the samples. The development philosophy of this technology is based on a new product concept which will make available to small laboratories a diagnostic tool as powerful as PCR.

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