New thermoplastic composite process developed by iGestek

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iGestek has developed a new process of transformation of composite thermoplastic materials, to obtain 3D Sandwich Structures with a cycle time less than 1 minute (One Shot). In this process there is no human intervention, i.e., a fully automated process which allows hybridization with other materials.

Currently iGestek is successfully implementing this new process technology to different structural automobile components for bodyparts, chassis or suspension functions, among others. These projects are being carried out in Co-development with Tier1, as well as with Study Centers of Car Manufacturers (OEMs) such as VW Group, PSA, etc.

During the research and the development of this new process we relied on the different tools of the Autodesk Family (CAD / CAE). This allowed us to optimize the development and to determine the Process Window.

The detail of the tools used can be seen in the following ” Autodesk Customer Story” through this link, or downloading the pdf file.



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