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iGestek has developed a New Process to obtain 3D Sandwich Structures with a cycle time less than 1 minute, and where the human hand does not act, which means a fully automated process, it also allows the hybridization with other materials. This process will make possible the realization of structures with high mechanical performance and with fuse points, integrating actuators or sensors of recognition and measurement of stimuli to which the structure will react.
For the construction of Structures with Composite Materials there are two types of Architectures; “Monolithic” (layers stack), and “Sandwich” that increase the stiffness by increasing the thickness of the structure, without increasing the weight excessively. A Sandwich Structure could increase its resistance 37 times, increasing only the weight by 6%. These Structures are obtained by joining two thin films of high strength (Skins), and a Core of low mechanical characteristics.
They can be constructed in a variety of shapes and with a wide variety of materials, but most of the structures used in aeronautical and automotive constructions are made of carbon fiber or fiberglass composite sheets, which form the faces that will join the core.
This project is supported by the Biscay Council through the Program IN TXIKI: Innovative Projects.

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