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iGestek has developed a New Mold Architecture based on 3D Printing Technology. These molds or tools allow transforming fiber composite materials (carbon fiber, glass fiber, etc.).
For this purpose a specific mold strategy has been developed, as well as an Innovative Exterior Coating applied to the molding Surfaces of the tool, which allows the transformation of these composite materials.
During the development of composite components it is necessary to verify the theoretical studies with the real tests. In order to do this, prototypes must be built to validate variables such as fiber types, fibers orientation, number of layers, local reinforcements, etc., before making the final molds.
The cost and time of current mold construction technologies in many cases do Not allow to go through these verification stages. Through 3D Printed Molds technology developed by iGestek, the time and the price of the molds for the construction of these prototypes are significantly reduced.
For example, within 3 calendar days we can design and build a mold of 300 x 250 x 200 mm. This mold consists of a core and a cavity that will be used for press transformation to obtain prototypes of laminated composite material. The process of consolidating and curing the prototypes is done during the pressing cycle.
The 3D Printed molds prices can reach differences between 5 to 10 times less than those made by conventional methods.
It should be noted that molds can be made with custom dimensions for both prototypes and short series. iGestek has already developed projects using this 3D Printing Technology, the results of which have been successfully presented to the automotive sector, to OEMs such as VW Group, or PSA. The use of these molds has made developments reliable and has reduced the cost of the project at a Global level.
Do not hesitate to contact us to request a quote for Molds and Prototypes construction. You can contact us through our website in the “contact” section.

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