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We have developed a Suspension Shock Absorber Support (Top Mount) for Premium vehicles that is 40% lighter than current ones. This shock absorber support has been conceived and materialized thanks to Generative Design together with the hybridization of different technologies and materials.

Top Mounts are components that are part of a car’s suspension system. Its function is to reduce the vibrations produced by the rolling of the vehicle, to improve comfort inside the passenger compartment.

The structure of the new top mount consists of three components; the main body made of metal and two radial reinforcements of carbon fiber composite material.

For the conceptualization of the main body, we have carried out a geometric exploration process through Autodesk’s Fusion 360 generative design software, which provides multiple solutions limited to a series of requirements. From this point on, the solutions proposed by the software have been evaluated, and it has been decided to introduce local reinforcements of composite material to support the radial loads coming from the rubber elements of the shock absorber, and thus be able to lighten the structure of the main body even more.

The decision to create a component with multi-material architecture based on generative geometries has allowed us to optimize the weight of the part and use lighter materials with better performance, such as composite materials, in a specific area where there is a specific need.

The results of this project together with the software solutions used can be seen in the “AUTODEK Customer Success Story” through the following links of the STORY, and the VIDEO or downloading the  PDF file.


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