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After a while with no posts in our channels, we begined a new cycle of digital communication by this new blog entry:


We’ve been very active for the last 10 years in the field of Research and Development. In 2020 we have obtained the Certification of Innovative SME by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, this recognition has a national and European scope.

It is the result of the work and effort made by the people who are and was part of our company, as well as a close collaboration with our clients and technological agents. Now we must maintain three things that should never lose their value in iGestek: Design, Innovation and “perhaps the most important”, Emotion.

These three axes define our perspective of Innovation. It was never our intention to make a sublime innovation, but rather an intelligent handling of the circumstances that surround our clients and market. The basis of our success will be a systematic and professionalized management of the innovation, and “above all” to have the necessary courage to put it into practice.

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